Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What about extra-dom?

Why nothing here recently?

Well, there is something holding me back. Me and well, child care.

You see, I am a stay-at-home mother to three wonderful children. I am married to a marvelous, dear husband. I love them all, more than air. In truth, I feel like I am probably one of the most blessed people on the earth today.

I still want to watch. I still want my shirt sleeve or the back of my head to be on some show. I sure could use a little "extra" cash (hee, hee).

It will happen eventually, most likely.

Would you like to know what my dream being an extra job would be?

I would love to be in a squeaky-clean, wholesome show for children. Then, I'll watch the show with my kids and it will come to my big scene--the one that shows the freckle on my right hand and I'll shout out in utter delight, "See! There's mommy. Do you see me? That's my freckle. Let's rewind it and watch it again."

I imagine my kids hopping up and down excitedly as we rewind and re-watch five or ten times. Then they'll go on and on about telling their teacher my freckle was in the movie and then they'll tell all their friends and it will be really . . . exceptional.

But, what will probably happen is that I'll shout out my spiel and they'll say, "Great mom. Shhh. Let's watch the movie."

That will be okay too.