Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I'm going to be reading this book. Why would I post it on this blog, you ask?  Because, I think someday someone may make a movie out of it and I wanted to be one of the first ones to say so.

Also, I've read the first few pages available on Amazon and I'm hooked. And I want to win a copy. And that is why. Check it out. You'll probably like it too!

From Amazon

Now You See Me

I'm going to be an extra on the movie Now You See Me.  It's a few days of all-night shooting. My other background artist friends tell me that all night shooting can be rather heck-ish.  But I'm excited to go in and stand a lot, hopefully watch the tricks, pyrotechnics, movie stars and chat a lot with the other 400-ish artists with me.  We're going to be at 5 Pointz, a graffiti mecca that is located in Long Island City, Queens.  Story is I am in the climatic part of the movie, if you see me, which is not likely. . . but I am not doing this to be seen, I am doing this to learn (and let's be honest--get some moolah).

Photo by Special KRB
And the show is about five magicians . . . renegades, I believe.   The stars, according to IMDB are Dave Franco, Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Morgan Freeman, Woody Harrelson . . . see IMDB for more information. IMDB says the storyline is: "FBI agents track a team of illusionists who pull off bank heists during their performances and reward their audiences with the money."

I'm supposed to be hip, funky and eclectic in a coat and scarf.  With warm winter clothing underneath.

They told me to wear one, bring one similar outfits to show wardrobe so they can decide what I will wear.  I got my super warm  non-black, red or white coat (the official nixed colors) fixed today for free by a tailor in my neighborhood (yay!).

I'm supposed to bring my camera.

This is probably all the information I will be able to give you movie-wise. . . but doesn't it kind of make you excited to see it?  I'm excited to see it. . . and not just because I'm going to be in it.

Blue Bloods "Reagan vs Reagan"

Starting at 1:40ish into the show--there's me! :D 
And again.

And again.
Want to watch it? See it at

You see those ladies sitting next to me?  We became good friends in the hour and a half we were sitting there.The Blue Bloods crew is really close, I think.  And their food services were some of the best that I have seen.  Plus the food I "was not" eating was really tasty when it was hot.

Okay, at the end of the show when it showed the same filming day but different people I was really curious about if the restaurant Reagan was really innocent. . . What do you think?

Thanks for reading! Have a lovely day!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Gifted Man Part 2

Where's M?  
  A Gifted Man in the Roosevelt Hotel. In the episode
"In Case of Heart Failure." 
The link will take you to CBS to watch the episode.



What a great experience! :) 
Also I would have leaned out a couple of feet except I didn't know the plant was blocking me in the last photo. Even if you can't see it, I felt lovely.  Thanks to the people I met that made it even more amazing.

I have to say the PAs were really helpful and talkative about making films and movies.  They even offered to look at my screenplay. Did you know I am writing one? It's almost finished.

Then I talked to wardrobe and they were super nice.  The guy had done the wardrobe for a lot of shows including Madonna's touring. He told me that my film preparation I should go through each of the scenes and write what wardrobe would be required for each person, that would make it easier to help the actors or wardrobe find what each person needs.  I felt so inspired I wanted to march in and add it all to my script.

Now you know why I am being a background artist. I want to make a movie, my movie. It's more than the sort of "Where's Waldo" game I play each time I try to find myself. I am learning all I can each time.

The hair lady was a little annoyed at being asked so many questions. It was probably the fact that it was crunch time and several of us missed a scene waiting for our hair to get done. In fact there were so many of us waiting I got us in a line for her to tell us whether or not we were ready to go down (assertive, right?). I wanted to go watch, but I also wanted my hair done professionally--my first time as an extra. . . . so it worked out happily for me. :)

You can't see my friends there but that girl with the blue was one of the ones that I sat and talked with extensively in the hair preparation part of waiting. She is an opera singer.  The other lady in the foremost front is a SAG actor that sat and watched them film for awhile with me.

I also got to hear one of the CBS head haunchos from CA come and give the cast and crew a pep-talk-ish sort of speech.  Fabulous.