Sunday, November 27, 2011

CSI:NY "Crossroads"

Read about the actual experience . . . here.
See the episode "Crossroads" at

Where is M?

Here. . . fr-ooooo-zen. At about 6:55 into the show.

 That day was so cold.  When I got home I realized that my face was beet red under my light colored make-up so I think I may have looked slightly corpse-ish.  No wonder the guy was wondering if I was cold--because I was shivering like a leaf--and I looked scary.  For the next scene (the one where I am at the top of the stairs) I sat in one place and shivered in peace, nodding at the other background artists that walked up the stairs past me and back down.

 Ta-da--it is me. Hooray!  I thought that bag was so cute--but turns out it looks huge and cute-but for that shot, mostly big. I think I was sitting up straight (thank you Mom). 

This was at about 18:25 into the show. These were filmed first in the early afternoon.

Thank you very much CSI:NY people. It was a great opportunity. Despite being cold I had a great time.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Aired!

They told us that they wouldn't air until the 7th of December-ish.  The -ish was my own addition because it was as -ish-ish as possible.  The aired it at the end of October for the first time.  I showed my sweet husband the pictures and he asked if I had been on the show. I said, "Yes, I was on the show, but not as a contestant."

This is the one with my friends, but you cannot see them very well.

Yay for the long-haired-dude!

I'd like to thank my local laundromat. Without them I couldn't have watched myself on the television (I don't have cable). I would like to thank all the laundromat patrons that treated me like a movie star--with the exception of doing my laundry for me. I love my neighborhood!

I think I mentioned in my last Who Wants to Be a Millionaire post, but it bears repeating, if you are going to go be on the show--remember to take a back brace or a stadium seat cozi-fier because those seats are very, very uncomfortable.

Friday, November 18, 2011

My friend, Nelta, invited me to go to the Rachael Ray show with her and a couple other "talk show addict" friends, Patrice and Jean.

This is the photo that the show took and it is posted on the Rachael Ray Facebook page.

Since we were a part of the "Human Lab" show there were no big, exciting give-a-ways (ugh!) but we did get a bag of nuts and a couple of magazines (and a muffin/breakfast snack with a bottle of water if needed).  Of course, the next audience got tickets to see the Rockettes at Radio City--I'm really attempting to not be jealous.  

I think they felt bad because in the last twenty seconds Ms. Ray's husband rushed in with their dog, Isaboo. He gave her a big kiss and then Isaboo pulled Ms. Ray's hubbie around the room and then they ended in the front for a photo.  I guess they were the special non-miked guests.

RC Smith was the comedian that kept things running. He used a lot of the same jokes that the other comedians use when warming up the audience, but I felt like he really liked what he was doing and the people with whom he worked.  He kept us laughing (often at other audience member's expense--and sort of pleasure). He told Jean, who was sitting next to me that she had a lovely smile.  She's in the white.

 I'm not certain when it will air, but I know it will be after Thanksgiving. Thursday was the last filming date before Thanksgiving.  I think they were all really excited for a break.

They were very serious about no photographs in the filming studio, they made one of the women in front of us delete any pictures she had taken. These photos were taken in the okay zone--pre-studio.

If you're interested in going to the Rachael Ray show be sure to get their early--even if they send you an email that tells you to come later.  GO EARLY, like 1.5-2 hours early.