Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rachael Ray Show

One thing about life is that you never really know what is going to happen.

Source and from Lindsay
When I wrote about the past experience on Rachael Ray I did not mention that at one point they called out in the waiting area, pre-show, "Is there anyone with three children?"  I have three kidlets, so I raised my hand. They came over to me and asked, "Would you like to as Rach a question or prepare a video for a segment?"  I said something like, "Sure. Why not?!"  I was really excited. But as the show progressed, I forgot about the question--I mean they gave me a 10 second feature of me and my scarf.  Then I forgot all about it.

Then a few months back they called and asked if I had a cleaning tip or wanted to ask Rachael for a cleaning tip and I had a lot, but they called me back a few days later and said, "We don't need you this time, we'll call you again another time."  For some reason I assumed that would be the last of it.

But then they called me Wednesday, August 12; right after I went to the cost-efficient grocery store in Queens; and asked me what I like to take to Potluck Parties and I told them my good old stand-by cookies (because I make a mean chocolate chip and chocolate chip oatmeal, and when I say mean I mean extremely tasty).

Eventually they called me and we came up with the idea . . . seven layer dip in clear, individual cups. Don't let the simplicity of what I wrote fool you, it took us about two hours to come up with that idea.  Apparently my brain and pressure don't get along.  Every time I talked with them I tried to tell myself I was very brave.

Dear shyness: Couldn't you please kick in another time, like when I'm putting my foot in my mouth?!  That is all. --M

Preparing the segment
Wednesday afternoon I got a call from a segment coordinator for the Rachael Ray Show asking if I would be interested in doing a cooking segment on Potlucks. I was like sure . . . but already I could feel the blood rushing through my head and I tried to understand everything he said, but I was kind of sidetracked and he probably had to repeat a few things a couple of times.  Thursday and Friday I planned with the segment coordinators. One of the women segment coordinators helped to me develop and plan my idea extensively.  I really appreciated the help.  I used all her ideas and went forward filming what I hoped would show a confident, exuberant person.

I spent a lot of Saturday preparing for and filming my segment on the Rachael Ray show (including getting eyelash extensions for the first time in my life, a French gel manicure, and haircut.  I was ecstatic and extremely anxious about filming at the same time.

Advice and Back Story

A few times during filming I added some zesty words like "Viola" and "Tada" but W told me it didn't sound professional.  I told him that RR used exciting words and it was one of the things that endears her to the American public.  But I still took his advice.


The reason I took his advice is that there have been times that I have been told my enthusiasm is just too much--like at BYU [Side story. If you are dramatically minded the scene would do the drip effect and I would be back at BYU with short hair in one of the ballrooms]. One of my teachers that had been really emphasizing the need for enthusiasm and boy I gave her every ounce of my enthusiasm, to which she responded "Are you making fun of me?"  For the sake of your understanding, I was solely giving her enthusiasm and was not making fun of the good woman.  Can I help it if enthusiasm comes easily to me when asked? So you understand my trepidation.

Then I sent it in and waited.

No one tells you how difficult it is to wait and pray that somehow you won't look like a complete ninny in your segment.  I prayed really hard just to be even keeled and not to worry if they decided to just throw out my tip and that I would be levelheaded.  It seemed like forever from Saturday to Tuesday and I felt so nervous.  Bravery is easy to talk about and much harder to implement than most people realize.

Outside the building
When we got to the new Rachael Ray studio the people I was supposed to look for were nowhere to be seen, so Lindsay and I (Lindsay was my guest) went to the back of the line to wait because we figured they would show up at some point.  A few minutes later I got a call from my segment coordinator and he asked if I was in the city yet. I told him I was outside.  He asked where and I waved.

The Dressing Room
We were then escorted in to our dressing room with a bathroom ten feet away (YAY--check off the old acting bucket list that wasn't really there but should have been). We shared it with the other tipsters and they were so nice and we had a great time talking together.  We even had a fruit bowl with cold drinks and our names on the door. I felt like a movie star.  It was in their new studio too.  The room was designed by someone who went to work for Home Goods later (well done, right?!).

Hair and Make-up
We had to have hair and make-up touch-ups.  Anyone that knows me well knows I get excited about hair and make-up--follow the link for my pinboard.  I had a lovely time chatting with the hair and make-up person.   She is an avid pinner too and she complimented me on my hair color (yes!) and on my matching fake-hair head band that I wore. Yes!

love love loved this show.  We got to sit around eating lots of food. It was delicious. Everyone brought their own potluck dish.  We got to taste truffles, this amazing coconut bar (I wish I had asked for the recipe, it was so good), this amazing pasta, and my own 7-layer-dip. I was in Heaven and actually left the show completely full, which never happens when I go to the TV talk shows--usually I'm starving afterward.

But I wouldn't let myself eat too much of the goodness until my segment was past. I kept checking with my "guest," Lindsay, to make sure my teeth were clean and to make-sure I looked camera ready.  My part was after the second set of  commercials.  It went right into it.  I was super excited and nervous.

I tried to pay attention to my video but I just kept thinking, "Please, don't look like an idiot."

This is me in the transition shot. I love Rach's face! Someday I want to have the gift of gab,  humor, relate-ability,  enthusiasm that she has--so that is what this photo is about--I'm changing for the better.  It's just going to take time. Maybe a lot of time.
Then afterward I had a close-up moment and they told me to smile and I am sure the camera was on me for less than two seconds, but those two seconds felt like minutes and I was trying really hard to smile normally but then my face started twitching. In my head all I could think was, "Why is my face twitching? How can I get it to stop?  Why are you holding your breath? Breathe. Breathe!"

The rest of the show was a snap. I enjoyed it so much. Rachael Ray has an amazing energy and enthusiasm and made the entire audience laugh several times through the show.

Lindsay and I are in the middle.  This was the moment I was not totally grinning from ear to ear.  But I love how the girl in the front looks like she's about to eat "Rachael."  She's great! This was photographed from my friend's television.
The producers were so nice and helpful. They made me feel like a million bucks. Thank you so much G, M and Rach!

If you want the information to get on the show just leave a comment and whether or not you'd like the comment to be published.  I'll gladly give you the information. I hope you loved the show, I know I did!  I  got to watch it at my friend, Lindsay's house.  She made popcorn for us and our little boys that were with us at the time.  It was almost as much fun watching it as it was being on it.

A few things were marked off my bucket list--dressing room, featured part, talking and being heard, hair and make-up (again).  Yay!

**Added later.  Some people have mentioned they cannot find the link.  If clicking on several of the photos above did not direct you to the video go