Tuesday, February 9, 2016

LDS Film Festival Finalist

My short film The Phone Call is a finalist in the LDS Film Festival!

I submitted it in January as the first of three film festivals my goal was for the year.

We did it as a family and when I found out I cannot tell you how excited I felt.

My brain has been abuzz ever since. My family has been so incredibly supportive.  Even to the point where they sat beside me as I re-edited the video, made a preview, and made a poster/postcards.

I submitted almost everything yesterday, while my parents were here visiting.

At the acting class I told the class when I told them about myself that I was a filmmaker, even though I couldn't answer the questions that most seasoned filmmakers would know immediately. I have to remind myself over and over, and then in front of the class, that I am learning.

So grateful to have gotten in!

I'm a finalist in the LDS Film Festival. More information to come!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Damon with Actors in Action

A few weeks ago, I went to my first acting class since high school.  I have acted since high school, but I have been in sort of a self-study mode (so that doesn't include youtube classes--okay, serious actors reading this, please stop chuckling).

It was a really great class.

Damon was really professional, although I think I asked so many questions that he wasn't able to get all the things that he wanted to into the lesson.  Sorry, Damon.

But the questions that he answered were very helpful.

He is both a teacher and an agent. You may remember that I wrote about him in the post about Meals for Monologues.  He was the one that laughed during my monologue which really validated my efforts during that moment of heightened anxiety.

One of the things I was surprised to hear was that almost every time people will ask you to tell them about yourself.  He suggested writing up a two minute blip about yourself, memorize it and try to think of at least one thing that will make you memorable to add to the blip so they have something to associate with you.

I think this is really great information.  I am working on my blip and memorable piece of information.

There was a lot more.  I think I will be going agains sometime in April.

When I got there expecting to pay the fee, he told me the first class is free!  Awesome, right?!

This is not a paid endorsement.  Just my own experience.