To Do

To-do lists are so much more fun when one can cross off items one has accomplished.  Then one can look back and smile at one's progress. Can't one?!

1. Be an extra.

2. Ask questions to find out all I can about the processes involved in filming.

3. Visit major television series/movie filming sites during filming process to observe and ask questions when appropriate.
4. Be filmed in front of a green screen.

5. Have make-up done pre-filming with a in-the-lights-ready-to-film touch-up.

6. Be in a movie where the director and main actor are the same person.

7. Be in a movie where one or two of the actors are in a movie I own.

8. Participate in or watch and listen to auditions.

9. Be an actor "in studio" for a major tv show/film--if Rachael Ray counts.

10. Complete a feature length script.

11. Be a stand-in.

12. Have my own dressing room.

13. Be a "featured" extra.

Since writing the above I have come up with a few more goals.  You see, film making in every aspect is electrifying to me. I mean this seriously, I feel like electricity is zapping though me every time I begin to contemplate a new goal.  Then as I take the steps to accomplish a goal I feel adrenaline running through me and it feels so good! But as you have seen, I am beginning to take it beyond being an extra. Now I want to act, film, edit, and learn--everything.  So as of April 13, 2015 my new goals are:

1.  For the year of 2015, plan, write, produce, film, edit, and put on YouTube a short (including music videos) once a month.
2. Each month to strive to learn and incorporate one new thing.
3.  Stretch my acting chops--seek out opportunities to act and observe/find other people with potential talent for my shorts.
4.  Write a good, feature-length script.
5.  Go to a writers workshop to find out from professionals how they do what they do.
6.  Interview at least three people for this blog with advice for people like me.
7. Be patient with myself while I learn and accept each short as a great learning experience.

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