Tuesday, February 9, 2016

LDS Film Festival Finalist

My short film The Phone Call is a finalist in the LDS Film Festival!

I submitted it in January as the first of three film festivals my goal was for the year.

We did it as a family and when I found out I cannot tell you how excited I felt.

My brain has been abuzz ever since. My family has been so incredibly supportive.  Even to the point where they sat beside me as I re-edited the video, made a preview, and made a poster/postcards.

I submitted almost everything yesterday, while my parents were here visiting.

At the acting class I told the class when I told them about myself that I was a filmmaker, even though I couldn't answer the questions that most seasoned filmmakers would know immediately. I have to remind myself over and over, and then in front of the class, that I am learning.

So grateful to have gotten in!

I'm a finalist in the LDS Film Festival. More information to come!

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