Thursday, October 15, 2015

CCAT 29--Corvallis, OR

Since writing the last post.  I found out about the public access station that I can go to and it is actually further away, in Corvallis.  Their website is currently experiencing technical difficulties, but it should be fixed in a couple of weeks.

 I think the classes are $100 a class.  I emailed CCAT 29 and I told them about my experience at CCTV and the girl that emailed me back said that they are very small compared to CCTV and that they are working on their schedule for November.

I forgot to mention that CCTV covers three channels.

Still determined to learn all I can, I am going to go find out about both of these places and I will update you on any new leads.

Thank you to the Grimm film crew for directing me to these places to learn more about filming!

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