Wednesday, October 14, 2015

CCTV--Salem, Oregon

In an act of determination and hopefully a touch of inspiration, I went to see what I assumed was the closest public access television station, in Salem Oregon CCTV.

They were super friendly.  They gave me an overview of what their station does and what classes you can take. If you are a resident of Salem, Oregon they have opportunities galore for you.  You could even have your own show on their three stations. Plus, you could check out film, lighting, and sound equipment for free.

In order to do that, you have to learn the ropes.  First you have to take the orientation which is at 3:30 and 6:30 p.m. the first Tuesday of the month.  They offer classes and check-out of filming equipment for the classes that they offer.  The Studio Production Class is free.  Then they have a Camera Class which shows you how to operate CCTV's HD camcorders.  It is a basic class and it is $25.   The Editing Class is also $25 and shows you how to use Final Cut Pro X.

I am hoping that they change their rules, or at least make it possible for me to pay a small fee so I can use their tools and learn all I can.

Remember The Martha Stewart Show? I miss going to it!

When I told them that the film crew from Grimm had suggested I check them out, by mentioning their station specifically.  That made them smile and Arlan Robinson, the man that came to talk to me at the desk and Community Facilitator, joked, "The only way we could get a higher recommendation is if it came from the President of the United States."

When he found out I was an extra he told me about one of the other people that has an Oprah-like show at CCTV in Spanish, was also an extra before.  Then he said, point blank, "What is your show idea."

From all that I have read, if someone asks you that you are supposed to have an immediate response ready.  So I stuttered, "Something to do with family history and stories from the past."

In my defense I don't want to give all the details of my show-in-my-head out casually.  I want it to be official and catered to the listener with complete preparation.

Eventually, it is my goal to have my work to the point where I feel proud to have it on television.  W, my sweet husband, reminded me that my work has to be really good to get on there.  No pressure, right?! [Gulp].

Already my brain is in overdrive clarifying my show idea. I already have part of the first episode story boarded.  Now I have to find a resident of Salem (or hopefully Marion county) to go to the Orientation with me.

Hoping. Hoping. Hoping.

P.S.  These photos are from Brooklyn, my watching Blue Bloods filming (not as an extra) if you remember.

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